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‘Arca’ Folding Chairs by Gigi Sabadin for crassevig, 1974 Italy

‘Arca’ Folding Chairs by Gigi Sabadin for crassevig, 1974 Italy

30,500.00 ₪Price

The 'Arca' Folding Chairs, designed by Gigi Sabadin for Crassevig in 1974, epitomize Italian craftsmanship and functional elegance. These chairs are celebrated for their minimalist design, which seamlessly integrates form and function. Constructed with a sleek wooden frame, the 'Arca' chairs are both lightweight and durable, making them ideal for various settings, from dining rooms to public spaces. Their folding mechanism allows for easy storage and versatility, while the refined aesthetic reflects the modernist principles of the era. Gigi Sabadin’s design for Crassevig remains a timeless piece, exemplifying the innovative spirit of 1970s Italian furniture design.

Gigi Sabadin is an esteemed Italian designer known for his contributions to mid-20th century furniture design. His work is characterized by a deep appreciation for simplicity, functionality, and elegance, which are hallmarks of modernist principles. Sabadin's designs often emphasize clean lines, innovative use of materials, and practical solutions, making his pieces both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Among his notable creations is the 'Arca' Folding Chair for Crassevig, a testament to his skill in marrying form and utility. Throughout his career, Sabadin has been celebrated for his ability to create timeless pieces that continue to be revered in the design world, reflecting the enduring appeal and sophistication of Italian design.

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