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Vintage ‘Flash’ floor lamp by Studio 6G for Harvey Guzzini, 1968 Italy

Vintage ‘Flash’ floor lamp by Studio 6G for Harvey Guzzini, 1968 Italy

15,000.00 ₪Price

The ‘Flash’ floor lamp from Harvey Guzzini, designed by Studio 6G in 1968, epitomizes mid-century Italian design with its sleek, organic lines and modern materials. Featuring a spacious, mushroom-shaped acrylic diffuser and a polished metal stem and base, it effortlessly blends style and utility, offering gentle, diffused illumination and a touch of refinement. This iconic design embodies the futuristic aesthetics and superb craftsmanship of its time, encapsulating the elegance and innovation of the 1960s. Today, it remains highly sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts, revered for its timeless charm and historical significance.

Dimensions: (cm)

H175 D48

iGuzzini lighting was founded in June 1958 by Raimondo Guzzini (born 1928) under the name Harvey, inspired by the renowned movie 'Harvey' featuring James Stewart and the invisible rabbit Harvey from 1950. Initially producing enameled copper items, the company later expanded into decorative lighting fixtures. By the early sixties, it had evolved into a family enterprise with Raimondo's five brothers joining. In 1962, Luigi Massoni was recruited to lead the design team, contributing significantly until 1976 with many iconic lamp designs. The company, still operational, rebranded in 1974 as iGuzzini and in 1981 as iGuzzini illuminazione.

Studio 6G, a pivotal design team at Harvey Guzzini, significantly shaped the company's reputation during the 1960s and 1970s with their innovative use of materials like acrylic and plastics. Renowned for their modernist designs, Studio 6G created iconic products such as the Bud Lamp and the Clan Lamp, characterized by clean lines, smooth curves, and functional elegance. Their work not only embraced the futuristic trends of the time but also left a lasting legacy in lighting design, making their creations highly sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts.


    H176 D50


    Harvey Guzzini was a pioneering Italian lighting designer known for his modernist aesthetics and innovative use of materials. The Bud Grande lamp, designed by Harvey Guzzini in the 1960s, is a sleek and futuristic Italian lighting fixture. Its rounded acrylic or plastic shade, available in various colors, houses innovative lighting technology for even illumination. Guzzini's design combines form, function, and style, making the Bud Grande lamp a timeless icon in lighting design.

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