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Vintage Boujaad Handmade Moroccan rug

Vintage Boujaad Handmade Moroccan rug

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The Boujaad rug originates from the El Haouz region in the Middle Atlas of Morocco. Traditional craftsmanship is employed, with skilled women artisans weaving the carpets by hand, just as they have done for centuries.

The distinctive characteristic of Boujaad rugs is their irregular geometric patterns, adorned with symbolic Berber motifs representing positive aspects of family, home, and fertility of the soil. While each carpet tells a unique story, we can appreciate the marvelous blend of colors and abstract designs that effortlessly complement modern interiors.

These carpets are crafted from 100% soft and delicate sheep wool, carefully gathered and nurtured. The sheep freely graze in ecologically rich mountain areas. The wool undergoes a special maturation process for five years to enhance its quality. Natural dyes exclusively tint the wool. The weaving process typically takes at least a month, highlighting the meticulous effort involved in creating each individual piece.

To achieve the utmost softness, an essential ritual involves washing the carpet multiple times and sun-drying it under the generous African sun. The locals refer to this final stage as the "Sun kiss." Boujaad rugs are distinguishable from Beni Ourain rugs due to their shorter and denser pile. These carpets are renowned for their exceptional softness and durability, ensuring they stand the test of time.

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